BP Journal

Blood Pressure Log

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Log and keep record of blood pressure and pulse readings. Multi-profile support enables blood pressure tracking of multiple individuals (e.g. elderly parents).



Understand what the numbers mean and monitor blood pressure trends with analytics and interactive charts.



Share generated PDF blood pressure report with your physician. Your physician/doctor will appreciate it.

Why keep a blood pressure journal?

One blood pressure measurement is like a snapshot. It only tells what your blood pressure is at that moment. A record of readings taken over time provides a “time-lapse” picture of your blood pressure that can help you partner with your physician to ensure that your treatments to lower high blood pressure (HBP or hypertension) are working.

Feature highlights

Fast BP data entry

Fast BP data entry

Entering your blood pressure and pulse values should be as friction-free as possible. With the smart autofocus keyboard data-entry feature, it takes as little as only 5 seconds to get a basic blood pressure reading into the app.

Meaningful charts and statistics

Meaningful charts and statistics

The app presents you with only the most essential chart types that you and your physician will benefit most. The statistics section gives you a comparison of your average blood pressure values for the current period versus the previous period so that you know if your lifestyle adjustments or treatments are working.

Easy sharing of generated report

Easy sharing of generated report

Sending your latest generated blood pressure report to your physician via e-mail is just a few simple taps away. As a privacy-focused app, you are in control of who, when, and how you share your sensitive health information with an external party.

Other features



Set reminders to take a blood pressure reading and/or to consume medication.


CSV export and import

With CSV file export feature, analyze blood pressure data in other apps such as Microsoft Excel. Conversely, import CSV data (generated from this app or other apps) into a profile in the app.


Automatic cloud backups

Blood pressure data is automatically backed up to your Google Drive account. Easily restore data after you reset your phone or switch phones. In-app backup and restore feature allows performing on-demand backup and restore.


Multi-profile support

Easily switch between different profiles. Assign different primary colors for different profiles for easy identification within the app.



The app supports a multitude of global and regional blood pressure classification guidelines (ISH, ACC/AHA, ESH/ESC, NICE, etc.). You can also personalize the display theme (light/dark) and measurement units.


Clean & user-friendly experience

You’ll feel right at home navigating around the app as the app incorporates the tried-and-tested Material Design user interface (UI).

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Note: This app does not measure blood pressure.